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CLAY Gathering-Road Trip with Toronto youth this summer

Join a bunch of youth (14-19) on an amazing road trip through Ontario and 5 incredible days at the Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth (CLAY) Gathering this August!

Lutherans Toronto is pulling together a massive hometeam from across the GTA to join CLAY 2018 August 12-20 (includes bus trip to and from) at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON.

Your pastor has information on registration and how to join the home team.

To ensure you are always getting the most up to date information, please send an email to Marina at churchoffice@martinluther.ca

Meanwhile, keep reading for information on registration deadlines and joining the awesome LUTHERANS TORONTO HOMETEAM!

What is CLAY?
Home Team (s)
Pilgrimage Plan

What is CLAY?

CLAY is the Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth gathering which is held every 2 years in various locations across Canada. At each CLAY, almost 1,000 youth and their leaders join for adventure, teaching, immersion in local contexts, singing, arts and making friends from across the country. This year, CLAY is hosted by Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, ON.

The theme for CLAY 2018 is Threads. Stories are the threads we use to see God in action in the world and in our lives. Slam poet Steve Green is the Storyweaver for CLAY 2018, who will help us find the threads in our own lives and how to share our tapestry with the world.


We have a lot to do to get ready for CLAY. Please add these dates in your calendar. You will find a more detailed schedule of the week of CLAY below.

March 8
Fundraising begins

April 23
early registration deadline Payment of 595$ due

May 14
First Meeting with Home teams and their leaders at Agricola
12.30 Meeting with Home Team Leaders for lunch and preparations
15.00 Meeting with all participants
16.30 parent information session (30 minutes)

June 3rd week
prep meeting with Home Team Leaders

June 30
Second payment of 390$ due

August 12-20
CLAY and road trip. See complete schedule below.

October 28
CLAY reunion on Reformation Sunday, afternoon, church location tbd.

Schedule of week

Sunday, August 12
Commissioning service at the departing church (tbd)
Depart for first camping site

Monday, August 13
Arrive at second camping site

Tuesday, August 14
Arrive at third camping site

Wednesday, August 15
Arrive at Lakehead University for CLAY

Wednesday, August 15-Sunday, August 19
CLAY 2018

Sunday, August 19
Depart for Sault Ste. Marie billets

Monday, August 20 evening
Return to Toronto

Home Team (s)

CLAY is a massive gathering, and it is structured around Home Teams. A Home Team is a group of up to 10 youth and Home Team Leaders (HTLs) who commit to travelling and living together during CLAY. We are sending a Central Toronto Home Team which will be made up of 5 Home Teams.

Sending a Toronto Home Team means that churches without enough youth and leaders to build their own Home Team can join with other churches. All participants must be connected to and registered with a Home Team. It also means we can make the most of our pilgrimage north by sharing bus fare and group camp sites, keeping costs low and adventure high!


CLAY is a youth gathering, for youth ages 14-19. There are also leadership opportunities. Young adults ages 19-24 can join the team as Leaders in Training. Adults over 24 years of age can join us as Home Team Leaders.

The Toronto Home Team will register in time for the Early Bird Deadline of April 30. All participants must be registered online by the Primary Home Team Leader.

We have done our best to keep the total costs low. The total for each Participant, Leader in Training and Home Team Leader will be $985 including the Pilgrimage (bus, campsites, activities and food).

A cheque for $595 per participant must be sent to the Central Toronto Ministry Area or to PHTLs by April 23 to confirm Early Bird Registration (stay tuned for more information once PHTLs are confirmed). The remaining $390 per participant will be due June 30, 2018.

We will require the following information from each participant

Full name
Cell phone number
Home phone number
Address, city and postal code
Email address
Birth date
Dietary, medical, and physical needs/restrictions
2 Emergency contact names and phone numbers
Roommate preference
T-shirt size

Pilgrimage plan

Details are yet to be confirmed for the Pilgrimage portion of our week (travelling). A complete schedule will be available in April. Each day will consist of driving, prayer, activities, camping and food preparation. Our goal is to get the most out of Ontario’s natural landscape, exploring the Georgian Bay and Lake Superior regions.


Fundraising is much more than raising money!
It is a way for congregations to support their youth.
It is a way of building team spirit.
Guarantees that participants, regardless of income, can have the full CLAY Pilgrimage experience.
Spreads the word about CLAY.

It is our hope that all participants, regardless of income, will, with their congregations, raise the funds to attend CLAY. Councils should consider adding a portion of their budget this year to contribute to their participants’ fees for CLAY.

There are lots of ways and ideas for fundraising within your own congregation and community. Work together as a home team to hold bake sales, or silent auctions. Ask friends and family for support. Set up sponsorships from older congregation members. Set up an online fundraiser. Remember, every fundraiser is an opportunity to connect with your team and your church to spread the good news about CLAY!

For more information, please contact

Pastor Dawn Leger pastor@firstelc.ca 416-977-4786
Pastor Christian Ceconi pastor@martinluther.ca 416-567-2487
Pastor Jun Gao gaojun73@gmail.com 416-832-9978

And, be sure to check out the CLAY 2018 website at www.claygathering.ca
And the CLAY gathering facebook page.