19 Congregations in the Eastern Synod Central Toronto Ministry Area: Working together, creating a vibrant church relevant in our communities


Our intention is to provide information which can support and inspire your ministry. If you are looking for something in particular, or if you have something to share, send us an email and we will try to get it posted.


A Study of the Orders of Ministry in the ELCIC

In March, 2015, the National Church Council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada asked the Faith, Order and Doctrine Committee to work on the topic of Orders of Ministry. This study guide is the result of that request. In the preface to the guide, Bishop Susan Johnson writes “I urge all members of our church to take the time to read and reflect on this study material.”


Ideas for Individuals, Congregations and Communities

Pray, Read, Worship, Study, Serve, Give, and Tell. This document offers about 350 ideas for improving our spiritual development. Some are simple and relatively easy to engage with, some are simple and really challenging. The idea is to start with one or two new practices and make them a habit before moving to the next level.