20 Congregations in the Eastern Synod Central Toronto Ministry Area: Working together, creating a vibrant church relevant in our communities


Chairpersons Meet with our Bishop

 Our Bishop, Dr. Michael Pryse, is coming to Toronto on the 30th of January to meet with pastors and lay leaders from the congregations of the Central Toronto Ministry Area. All Chairpersons of the Congregation Councils have been invited for a casual dinner and conversation with our Bishop. This

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Next Lunch & Learn: May 4, 2019 How to build (new) communities of faith in the 21st century?

 The church we know might not be the church we need for the 21st century. At least, it needs fresh expressions of church, which will look different. Fresh Expressions of Church and traditional forms of church will form a “mixed economy” (Rowan Williams) which leads us to

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Learning and Understanding the Culture around our Congregations

 Join Pastor Dawn Leger Saturday 26 January from 11am to 2pm at Agricola Lutheran Church for the first in our 2019 Lunch & learn Series. If you want to reach people you need to understand how they feel, think, act. You need to engage with their every day

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