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Advent Lutheran’s Worship Handbook

 Advent Lutheran has put together a worship handbook to answer some of the questions about why they do the things they do during a worship service.  This came about from discussions within the congregation that many people who go to Advent do not have a Lutheran background or may not have a Church background.

Some of what we do in worship, or in preparing for worship, may be unfamiliar or perhaps we have just become so accustomed to them that we do not really think about why or how or what the background may be to the way that we worship.

This handbook came out of a “learning Sunday” where Pastor Elaine Boone and the congregation deconstructed the service and explained all the pieces as they worshipped. Many felt the process was helpful and that a handbook would be a useful resource for people new to Advent or for those ‘seekers’ already attending.

Advent Lutheran Church has graciously agreed to share they Worship Handbook. You can download it here Worship Handbook Advent Lutheran Church