20 Congregations in the Eastern Synod Central Toronto Ministry Area: Working together, creating a vibrant church relevant in our communities

Lunch & Learn Saturday 26 October

Sharing Video Stories about Innovative Ministries in our Central Toronto Ministry Area

The church we know might not be the church we need for the 21st century. At least, we need fresh expressions of church, which will look different.

During our last three Lunch & Learn events we have discussed and explored how this could happen in our congregations. Some of us have already taken the first steps. This year in Spring, an area video team was formed and portrayed three innovative forms of Lutheran ministry in Toronto. 

We will show these videos (and they will be published on LutheransToronto.org, too) and you will have the opportunity to talk with people who are actively involved in these projects.

You will get to know members of our video team and learn how to get our team to your church to tell your story.

Dinner Church by the Lake @Martin Luther

Please register: churchoffice@martinluther.ca questions: Christian Ceconi, pastor@martinluther.ca