20 Congregations in the Eastern Synod Central Toronto Ministry Area: Working together, creating a vibrant church relevant in our communities

Learning and Understanding the Culture around our Congregations

 Join Pastor Dawn Leger Saturday 26 January from 11am to 2pm at Agricola Lutheran Church for the first in our 2019 Lunch & learn Series.

If you want to reach people you need to understand how they feel, think, act. You need to engage with their every day questions and learn how they live. Because the people around you might be seekers, but they obviously don’t show up in your church. We will teach ways how to change that.

Be prepared for interesting insights and inconvenient questions. Learning culture and context is the foundation for successful outreach. We will be doing an exercise that will require some internet research. Please bring one laptop or tablet per congregation. If you are coming on your own, you can bring a laptop or tablet, or we will set you up with a team.

Pastor Dawn is an Anglican Priest serving at First Lutheran through the Full Communion relationship with the Anglican Church of Canada. She received her Masters of Divinity degree from Atlantic School of Theology in 2006 and is currently working on her PhD in Human Relationships at Martin Luther University College. All of her ministries have included building new initiatives and shepherding communities through major transitions.

This Lunch & Learn will be on Saturday 26 January from 11am to 2pm at Agricola Lutheran Church, 25 Old York Mills Road, North York.